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Futé Marketing’s custom offer

An exclusive program for all Financial Horizons Group financial advisors

Rate: $ 243 / month

Contract term: ​ The contract offered to GFH advisers is for a period of 12 consecutive months.

Offer details: Turnkey solution and 100% automated service: bilingual website (28 pages), newsletter (one per month) and online chat.

Bilingual website adapted to you: 28-page website, which at the end of the contract will belong to you 100%. Rigid site with adapted area personalized for the advisor. Responsive adaptation on tablets and phones. Domain name and hosting provided * by Futé Marketing. * Does not include mailbox solutions or email archive transfers.

Automated newsletter: Template-based emails, configured and sent once a month to your clients (we will import your client list using our import template), in compliance with Bill C-28 (anti-spam legislation).

Online Chat: In addition to the site, an online chat feature will allow  the web consumer to interact with you directly through your website.

Automatic contract renewal: Once the 12 months contract is over, the website belongs to you. Your monthly payment will then decrease to the preferential rate of $ 195 / month.

Purchase of web services

Futé Marketing sells to the customer who purchases online advertising, marketing solutions, analysis and research, website creation and / or other web services, wich appear in the description and price, either monthly or flat-rate, on the contract. After the signing of this agreement, as well as the receipt of the first required payment, Futé Marketing will perform the contracted web services according to the established timetable.

Cancellation of contract

This contract may be canceled only under the following condition: In the event that the advisor leaves Financial Horizons Group, the contract will be automatically canceled. Thus, the advisor will have to pay the sum calculated at 50% of the monthly amount of the months remaining in the contract and will be able to keep his website in static version. Web hosting fees will apply and will be the responsibility of the advisor.

Reputation liability

Futé Marketing is not responsible for the opinions and comments that one or more people may post on an advertisement published on your behalf.


The advisor authorizes Futé Marketing to publish through its services and certifies that the advertising and the website do not violate any law. For this purpose, the advisor also guarantees that he holds all the necessary permits and licenses, including licenses to practice issued by a professional order or other regulatory body relating to the activities of the advisor. The advisor also guarantees that he owns all the rights allowing him to use the trademarks or trade names contained in the advertising and the website and that such use does not contravene any law, including the Trademarks Act, the Copyright Law or any other laws relating to intellectual property. In the event that an item created by Futé Marketing does not meet the above standards, the advisor must inform Futé Marketing as soon as possible.


Any time limit may be extended if the material necessary for the performance of the tasks is not provided by the advisor within a reasonable time. When material must be transmitted by the advisor, the latter agrees to provide it within 30 days. If the material is not provided, Futé Marketing will have to complete the work to be done with the available material found on the Financial Horizons Group website.

Payment and delay

The monthly amounts will be debited directly by Financial Horizons Group from your “Financial Horizons Group account”. If the Horizons Financial Group is in default of payment, Futé Marketing may partially or totally stop the services without notice or any liability to you.

Advisor clients and personal information protection policy

Futé Marketing will use the advisor’s client base for the sole purpose of segmenting the information that will be conveyed to clients. Clients remain the property of the advisor. Futé marketing will not sell, give or trade the advisor’s client base to third parties for personal and / or business purposes. Futé Marketing will only allow employees who must necessarily use the list and derived files to access it to perform contracted activities. Futé Marketing employees have signed a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement for information received through Financial Horizons Group. In addition, any “cookies” used on your website to improve the user experience will be done anonymously to respect the confidentiality and privacy of visitors. The protection of your personal information is supported by security measures taken to protect users against the loss or unauthorized use of their personal information. Futé marketing uses “Secure Socket Layer (SSL)” technology which makes the transmission of information completely secure.

Confidentiality agreement on personal information and non-solicitation

Futé Marketing Inc., a legally constituted legal person with a business office at 204 Boul. Curé-Labelle, suite 200, Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec, J7E 2X7; hereinafter referred to as “FM”. WHEREAS FM is a firm working in the field of web marketing; WHEREAS the advisor signing this contract retains the services of FM through a program unique to the advisors partners of the Financial Horizons Group; WHEREAS FM will provide web services, such as: newsletters, website, remarketing advertising, LinkedIn (if necessary), all in accordance with the agreement provided for this purpose and all other subsequent agreements between the parties; WHEREAS FM will have access to confidential information relating to the signatory’s clients, which will be provided to it by the latter, either through a client list; WHEREAS confidential information is defined as being the first names, surnames, civic addresses, IP addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and date of birth of the clients on the list that the signatory will provide to FM, being the information allowing ” identify a natural person; WHEREAS FM recognizes that the success of the Signatory is linked to a large extent to the non-disclosure and non-use of its clients’ confidential information for purposes other than those of this Agreement and that such non-disclosure or non-use authorized defined confidential information would prejudice the signatory; WHEREAS through the newsletters and advertisements produced by FM, the signatory’s customers will be called upon to visit the signatory’s website; WHEREAS a cookie is programmed so that certain socio-demographic information of people visiting the signatory’s website is kept in memory in dedicated data being the property of FM, all for the purposes of a personalized content display strategy; THE PARTIES AGREE AS ​​FOLLOWS: 1. FM may not at any time use confidential information given to it through the signatory’s lists; 2. The signatory agrees to provide a list of clients who can be contacted, in particular by email and newsletter, which list will meet the criteria set out in the Canadian anti-spam law, namely Bill C – 28 .; 3. Confidential customer information of the signatory given to FM will remain the property of the signatory; 4. The signatory undertakes to update the list of clients provided in order to always comply with the laws to this effect; 5. FM is committed to maintaining in the strictest confidentiality the personal and confidential information of which it will have knowledge during the term of its mandate, and to this end, undertakes to submit to all the standards and procedures for the protection of confidential information adopted under the laws and regulations to which the signatory must comply; 6. FM undertakes to have all its employees and / or subcontractors having access to the personal and confidential information given by the signatory about its clients, sign a valid and compliant confidentiality and non-solicitation agreement; 7. Following the termination of this contract, FM undertakes not to disclose and / or use, for its own benefit or that of a third party, the confidential information that the signatory has disclosed to it relating to its customers. This obligation has no time limit; 8. At the end of FM’s mandate, the latter must hand over the customer lists as well as all usable confidential information given to it by the latter and instantly destroy any copy of this information; 9. FM undertakes not to solicit the signatory’s customers and in any case disclose the information, under any legal penalty; 10. In addition, the signatory acknowledges and consents that the information relating to the socio-demographic information of the people who have visited the website and / or any other link created by FM is saved in a dedicated server and that said information will be the property of FM. It is understood that this information fully respects confidentiality, within the meaning of the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (P39.1), since socio-demographic information in no way allows a person to be identified and all confidential information are encrypted and usable in any way to determine the identity of a person; 11. The signatory understands that he is solely responsible for the compliance of the list of clients provided and its updates and vouches for its compliance, with the total exemption of FM; 12. FM recognizes that its failure to respect the confidentiality of the information would cause serious prejudice to the signatory. In the event that an incident occurs, FM has the duty to inform the signatory as soon as possible and to propose solutions to remedy the situation; 13. The signatory may resort to proceedings for injunction, damages or any other remedy relating to the violation or threat of violation of this undertaking by FM.


This contract is governed by the applicable laws of Canada as well as in the Canadian province where it is concluded.

Pricing for special request

If you want additional personalized adjustments, the pricing will be a la carte. You benefit from a preferential rate of $ 100 per hour. Here are the services you can request; AdWords advertising / Facebook advertising management / Creation of new web banners / Logo creation.

Limited liability of Futé Marketing and other suppliers

Futé Marketing is solely responsible for the turnaround time of the services and is not responsible for the timing or duration of the results. In the event of an error, omission or interruption of uploading relating to advertising or to the website, Futé Marketing’s liability will be limited to the lump sum payable under the contract for the duration relating to the error.



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Finding you bearings in the ever-changing world of finance and insurance products can be overwhelming. Having a complete and beneficial solution for all of your assets can be quite a puzzle. That is why I am offering you my services: I would like to review your situation and present a tailored analysis of your portfolio.

With my advice, you will benefit from a successful management of your investments and achieve optimal asset allocation. In addition, we can also review your various insurance plans to ensure that you have the best solutions. All this while guiding you effectively through the various products available to you.

But there’s more, as we build a trusting relationship I can also put forward a financial plan tailored to secure your future. I guarantee you that by working together I can present a plan that’s adapted to your needs as well as your economic realities. Let’s start now! Seek my expertise to build your financial future and benefit from my insurance and investing knowledge.

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Votre conseiller depuis 2008

S’orienter dans le monde en constante évolution de la finance et des produits d’assurance peut être un véritable casse-tête. Trouver une solution complète et avantageuse pour l’ensemble de vos avoirs devient également bien complexe. C’est pourquoi je vous propose mes services afin de procéder à une analyse personnalisée de votre portefeuille.

Grâce à mes conseils, vous bénéficierez de placements optimaux et d’une gestion fructueuse de vos investissements. De plus, nous nous assurerons ensemble de vous guider vers les meilleures solutions d’assurance. Tout cela en vous orientant efficacement à travers la vaste gamme de produits qui s’offre à vous.

Je vous propose également une planification judicieuse de votre avenir financier en vous assurant d’abord une relation de confiance. Il me fera plaisir de vous garantir une écoute adaptée de vos besoins et de votre réalité économique. Faites appel à mon expertise en matière d’assurance et d’investissement dès maintenant. Un avenir financier qui vous avantage, ça se planifie!

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